Fiji - The Bligh Reef
Monday, January 15, 2018
By Taz Tally Photography
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Diving the Bligh & Great Astrolabe Reefs
are WOW Adventures!

High Points!

> Everywhere on The Great Astrolabe Reef

> Diving with Manta Rays in open ocean off The Great Astrolabe Reef

> Pinnacle dives on Bligh Reef

> Drift Dives along reef walls

> Giant Trees in Suva Botanical Parks

> Food at Voli Voli Resort

Schools of pinnacle top fish plus Trumpet fish on Bligh Reef

Dense schools of fish gather over varied coral filled pinnacle tops, and a trumpet fish makes a guest appearance, on Bligh Reef Reef Fiji

The Islands of Fiji, which are located about 1300 Miles northeast of New Zealand's North Island, are part of Melanesia, a subset of Oceana, are coral reef rimmed volcanically formed Islands. About 85% of the population lives on the two north-south, side-by-side largest islands of Viti Levu and Vauna Levu. Fiji has long been recognized as a destination wedding paradise, offering numerous resorts catering to the romantically enaged. Romantically inclined or not, if you are a diver, Fiji should be on your to-dive-before-you-die bucket list. There's great diving all around the islands of Fiji including, the two areas shown here, Bligh Reef (yes, that Captain Bligh!) area off the north coast of main Island of Viti Levu and the amazing Great Astrolabe reef that rims the entire southern coast of the sparsely propulated, mostly jungle wilderness, Island of Kadavu.

Vanua Leva is the second-largest and second most populated island. Taveuni is the third largest island, which features several famous dive resorts. And then there is my fave, Kadavu, Home of the Great Astrolabe Reef! There's a lifetime of great diving all around the islands of Fiji. Below I feature two areas which I have thoroughly enjoyed, Bligh Reef and The Great Astrolabe Reef.

Bligh Reef Diving from the Voli Voli Resort on the North End of Viti Levu

The Voli Voli Resort

The beautiful Voli Voli Resort offers great rooms with views, excellent food and a freindly staff of Native Fijians.

Bligh Reef Diving

Clown Fish Play Among Sea Anemones

Clown Fish Play Among Current Swirled Sea Anemones on top of a Pinnacle in Bligh Reef

The Bligh Reef Area offers a variety of spectacular dive opportunities including some terrific drift-dives along the inside reef walls and featuring numerous pinnacles who tops are frequently covered with fabulous arrays of both hard and soft corals and are swarming with fish. Take some time to watch a few videos below to enjoy a dive tour through hey couple of these spectacular coral and fish rich neighborhoods.

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